Stress Management


Stress is the response of our mind and body towards challenging events of life. There are countless sources of stressors in ones life, out of which some are faced by us on daily basis. However, we need to learn how to manage stress in order to keep harmony in our life.

Our stress management program aims to train the participants in using tools to get more of what’s important to them in less time. Once these cracks are filled, the person becomes more organized and stress free. Stress management training will help you to get hold of your life and be happier, healthier and productive.

By the completion of this program, participants will be able to:
(a) Approach problems with a positive attitude.
(b) Be assertive rather than aggressive.
(c) Eat healthy and get proper sleep.
(d) Manage time for both work and leisure.
(e) Keep away from alcohol, drugs or compulsive behaviors.
(f) Indulge in stress relieving habits.
(g) Build better social support.

The modules are experiential activities for the participants on how to manage stress and keep a healthy lifestyle. The modules are interactive and involve interesting workshops to do.
Module 1: Identification of sources of stress.
Module 2: Following the 4A’s – Avoid, Alter, Adapt and Accept.
Module 3: How to move forward and fight.
Module 4: How to gain control of your life.
Module 5: Change in your eating, sleeping and exercise routines.
Module 6: Management of time between work and fun.
Module 7: Improve your social circles.
All modules will be run as interactive workshops with a high degree of participation and group exercises.

The time duration for this module can be customized according to the training need analysis and requirement of clients.