Situational Judgement Assessment


A situation can probe multiple responses but there can only be one response which works best eliminating its alternative choices. The decision that you consider in a given circumstance can determine your values and ethics towards work life.

Our Situational Judgement Assessments is an aristocratic program that evaluates your attitude towards the given situation in the workplace and the way you deal with it. The situations can be built around hypothetical scenario or real circumstances at work to which candidates would be expected to respond.
This Assessment Program is run by Talentiphic core team of psychometricians where they train a group of 5-6 executive or senior managers to prepare tools. You can also get your employees assessed by our core team.

By the completion of the course, participants will be able to:
(a) Candidate’s general ability to choose the most appropriate action in workplace situations.
(b) Person’s capability to handle situations.
(c) The consideration of ethics, values and norms while taking decisions.
(d) Integrity of the person in dilemmas.
(e) The ability of a person to deal with stressful circumstances and time pressure.

The modules are designed to give complete understanding of situations profile of a person for a position. Participants will be given background and introduction to psychometric tools, assessments and types. In pursuit of this aim, the main content of the training text and material has been divided into five distinct modules.
Module 1: Situational Judgment Tests: How they work?
Module 2: Experiential Workshop: Tapping Real and Hypothetical situations.
Module 3: Converting Situations into Assessment.
Module 4: Testing and Preparing Profile.
Module 5: Report Interpretation: Gathering meaning of test results and taking decisions.
All modules will be run as interactive workshops with a high degree of participation and group exercises. The tests can be customized as per a variety of situations arising in job position, job description and company’s evolving needs. Talentiphic’s standardized situational tests can also be customized for instant use.

The time duration for this module can be customized according to the training need analysis and requirement of clients.