Networking and Influencing Skills


Organizational settings require the ability to influence others and make impact on the decision making process to enhance the working efficiency. This skill is a key component for being an excellent leader.

Our networking and influencing skills development program helps the participants to develop the quality to influence others in decision making process and involve others in their plans to successfully execute it.

After undertaking this training program participants will be able to:
(a) Know how to join groups.
(b) Learn how to talk to right people.
(c) Learn how to get their message across and even how to leave.
(d) Develop the skills to present information and proposals.

The training modules are designed to make participants learn how to improve their networking circle by getting in to right group of people and how to develop skills that can help them to make influential decisions and proposals. The techniques that can be used are-developing practical communication skills, learning to boost confidence and being firm about one’s thoughts.
In pursuit of this aim, the main content of the training text and material has been divided in to three distinct modules.
Module 1: Understanding what networking and influencing skills are?
Module 2: How these skills help in organizational settings?
Module 3: How to bargain and Negotiate?
Module 4: How to build and maintain your networking circle?
All modules will be run as interactive workshops with a high degree of participation and group exercises.

The time duration for this module can be customized according to the training need analysis and requirement of clients.