Managing Anxiety


Life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it. So it becomes all the more important to manage anxiety for increasing your capacity to exhibit the actual potential you have and thus enhancing the overall work productivity.

Our anxiety management training course aims to deliver the opportunity to up skill the participants and expand their capabilities, productivity and efficiency by effective management of anxiety.

After undertaking this training program, participants will be able to:
(a) Get relieve from anxiety faced during presentations and public speaking.
(b) Being able to maintain healthy relationship and harmony with co-workers.
(c) Improve the quality of their work.
(d) Being able to complete the work before deadlines without feeling burdened or stressed.

The training modules are designed to make participants get away from feeling anxious while dealing various anxiety-provoking situations in workplace like meeting deadlines, communicating with coworkers and giving presentations or public speaking using techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, learning effective planning.
In pursuit of this aim, the main content of the training text and material has been divided into four distinct modules.
Module 1: Understanding what anxiety is?
Module 2: Learning how certain behaviors can impact our experiences of anxiety.
Module 3: Personality & skills required to cope up with anxiety.
Module 4: Techniques used to effectively deal with anxiety.
All modules will be run as interactive workshops with a high degree of participation and group exercises.

The time duration for this module can be customized according to the training need analysis and requirement of clients.