Communication Skills


Being the social we are, humans communicate all the time. It can be in verbal, written, visual or auditory form. It is a way of understanding and sharing meaning. Listening and communication go hand in hand. The ability to communicate is an essential life skill.

Our communication skills course helps you to communicate effectively and the use of body language, eye contacts, voice modulation and other innovative techniques. The course also deals with real life situation and teaches you how to overcome obstacle like misunderstanding and move towards conflict resolution.

On completion, participants will be able to:
(a) Comprehend active listening.
(b) Use of non-verbal cues.
(c) Have better understanding and knowledge.
(d) Develop strong decision making and problem solving.
(e) Have an open mind.
(f) Confidently express ideas and opinions.

The modules focus on learning active listening and use of eye movements and body language. You will work on real life problems of misunderstanding due to communication.
Module 1: Active listening and communication.
Module 2: Non-verbal cues in communication.
Module 3: Rapport building and empathy.
Module 4: Convincing and compelling.
Module 5: Feedback and trust.
All modules will be run as interactive workshops with a high degree of participation and group exercises.

The time duration for this module can be customized according to the training need analysis and requirement of clients.