What We Do

Talentiphic is a one stop solution for the corporate training programs. We specialises in soft skill trainings and helping the companies with their employee wellness and productivity. We cater to the various behavioural, wellness, leadership, team working and productive training needs of the companies with our well researched and data backed training programs. Our programs are aimed at the holistic development of the companies with

convenient solutions for a continuous growth and productivity. Bringing the worlds of behaviour sciences, sociology, psychology, statistics, research, spirituality, diversity sciences and business world. we provide a perfect amalgamation of the trainings spanning from team work, leadership, wellness, communication, stress management, fitness to different industry specific needs.

Our Strengths

We can boast of a training methodology that is grounded in the research based behavioural sciences and have proven methods of evaluation. Curated and distinguished by the personal touch of professional and experts who have been working in the domain for decades. Each part of the training whether it be assessment, activities, structure, methodology, evaluation has been tuned finely according to the models and the

pedagogies of the psychological concepts which are aimed at affecting and changing the individuals on different levels. Though our programs are highly universal in nature because of the foundations in psychological aspects, still we have constructed them to provide ample flexibility as per the needs and demands of the various industries and cultures.

Our pedagogy

All our training programs and modules have been curated by the years of experience and domain experts in behavioural sciences. The structure of the activities, pedagogy is stringently based on the psychological concepts, researched backed proofs, methods, statistics and domain expert’s experiences. Our solutions to the demands of the organisations are not a heresay but a grounded experience and strategy developed and distinguished by the years of social science researches. Our experts have years of experience in providing these workshops and training and have

touched thousands of eyeballs. In a changing world we understand that no knowledge can be perfect hence, we keep incorporating the latest knowledge systems in our models and have been quite open to what local knowledge like spiritual sciences can offer. Thus we don’t focus on growth only but on the holistic development of the individual and thus the organisation. We expect our trainees to be economically highly productive but also to be such individuals which can contribute to the organisation and society in terms of leadership, vision, social capital, emotionally and physical fitness.