Leadership Programs

Identify the next-gen initiators in your team and develop them as responsible leaders for tomorrow.

Soft Skill Training     

Training and development programs for your employees to make the best out of them.

Wellness Programs     

Psychological, spiritual and nutritional upheaval of your workforce to deliver best at work.

Personalised Counselling

Textual, audio and video based personalised and group therapy programs to enable a better work-life balance.

Psychometric Profiling

Personality, interest, aptitude, values and culture based psychometric profiling of candidates.

Customised Assessment Tools

Put research based and industry specific assessment tools to work for a thorough need assessment and strategy formulation.

What is Talentiphic?

Talentiphic is a one stop solution for the corporate training programs. We specialise in soft skill trainings and helping the companies with their employee wellness and productivity. We cater to the various behavioural, wellness, leadership, team working and productive training needs of the companies with our well researched and data backed training programs. Our programs are aimed at the holistic development of the companies with convenient solutions for a continuous growth and productivity. Bringing the worlds of behaviour sciences, sociology, psychology, statistics, research, spirituality, diversity sciences and business world we provide a perfect amalgamation of the trainings spanning from team work, leadership, wellness, communication, stress management, fitness to different industry specific needs.


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